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Anushika Babu

Anushika is a brand strategist by day and an illustrator by night. Soon after she completed her Bachelors in Dental Surgery, she was playing around with rudimentary graphic design software which sparked a love she didn’t know existed. From that moment, there was no looking back. She quit her job as a Dentist to start a Freelance graphic design studio. Today, she finds inspiration in her daily life and extensive travel.

Anushika has worked with over 100 brands from around the world, is working on illustrating books and is raising a young daughter.


A Different Kind of Art Shop

Underlyn’s mission is to offer the world beautiful, hand-crafted galleries and art pieces – designed, crafted, and framed by real artisans, not assembly-line workers.Underlyn produces affordable, stunning art products for the most discerning customers. And we stand behind each and every piece we ship out.