Our 8 Favourite Eco-Friendly Home Decor Brands

In the 21st century, amid climate change, widening wage gaps and global pandemics, there have been uncomfortable questions about consumerism cropping up. More specifically, the viability and long-term sustainability of it. Is it really fair to go on consuming at the expense of others? Aren’t there better ways for us to enjoy these luxuries? When we eat of the fruit of human advancement, can we not plant the seed instead of tossing it away?

Okay, that got very heavy-handed very quickly. We apologise. But our point still remains. We all love eating good food, wearing nice clothes, filling our homes with beautiful things. Can’t we still do those things, but in a way that helps the planet, rather than harming it? Of course we can, or this article wouldn’t even be here! It’s why we’ve compiled this handy little list of our 8 favourite eco-friendly home decor brands. Do the world—and yourself—a favour, and check them out!

1. Accompany (Home Decor & Fashion)

african grass baskets black and white

via Accompany

In a world where mass-produced clothing, furniture and lifestyle products dominate, Accompany likes to do things differently. Every product catalogued on their store is a unique find, something culturally and aesthetically relevant. They curate the best artisanal handcrafted pieces made by local weavers, tailors and artists from Colombia to India to Kenya. Everything’s made using clean, natural raw materials in traditional techniques that have been passed down in families for generations.

2. Bloomist (Botanicals, Home Decor)

white vase with red faux botanicals

via Bloomist

This is eco-friendly home decor like you’ve never seen before. Bloomist features an attractive and pleasantly bohemian selection of decorative objects that exude personality. From small tabletop decorations to candles to vases, and even handmade textile pillows and throws, their selection is a minimalist’s delight. But by far their most unique offerings are their catalogue of botanicals. But these aren’t the tacky fake flowers you find at the dollar store. These beautifully crafted ‘Ecofaux’ pieces are made from upcycled PET and bioplastics, and they’re incredibly realistic. They also sell dried botanicals in various natural colours that would simply pop in your home.

3. Abyss and Habidecor (Towels, Rugs)

colourful towels tied to Portuguese bridge

via Abyss and Habidecor

These Portuguese towel-makers are the very embodiment of comfort. Dealing exclusively in rugs, bath towels and robes, their products are handcrafted to make them incredibly absorbent and give softest feel. All their products are Oeko-Tex certified and free of any substances harmful to the environment. Their flawless Egyptian cotton is responsibly sourced and dyed with safe, non-toxic colours. Perfect for that vacation in Santorini you were always thinking of taking. Luxury and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

4. Kazi (Home Decor)

living room with african-style wall baskets

via Kazi

Run by the welfare organisation All Across Africa, Kazi is their handmade home decor brand aimed at providing jobs for more than 3,600 skilled artisans in Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana. They exemplify everything we admire in the sustainable goods model, using ethically sourced material in their manufacture. Their products range from tabletop trivets and wall hangings to lampshades and pet beds, almost all woven from dried elephant grass. The intricate patterns and unique designs speak to the authentically African aesthetic of Kazi, and we love that.

5. Underlyn (Home Decor)

art print of temple above table

via Underlyn

When you create a gallery wall, you need to think about the artworks, the layout, and the frames you use. Underlyn offers everything from start to finish, helping you choose from over 250 art prints, 19 different handcrafted frames, and allowing you to place them on a virtual wall to see how well they go together. All of Underlyn’s frames are made from repurposed pinewood, lovingly hand-carved by underprivileged artisans in India. They ship every art print in packaging made from recycled paper and biodegradable void fill.

6. Rose & Fitzgerald (Home Decor, Fashion)

ankole tumbers, soapstone dish, wine bottle and grapes

via Rose & Fitzgerald

Created by a Californian couple who fell in love with the African way of living, Rose & Fitzgerald prides itself on authenticity. This chic, minimalist store offers furniture, barware, kitchen utensils, baskets and even jewellery. Their products use unconventional materials like brass, soapstone, Mugavu wood and even Ankole horn, all of which are responsibly sourced. It’s a window into the world of Africa, through the lens of offbeat home decor that speaks someone seeing it for the first time.

7. The Little Market (Home Decor, Lifestyle)

woven baskets, glass jug, scented candle on table

via The Little Market

The Little Market has some of the cutest and most chic lifestyle products that blurs the line between modern minimalism and an old-world rustic look. Woven bowls and trays, towels, dinnerware and utensils, furniture, tote bags and jewellery, even products for kids. And all of these are handmade, ethically produced with sustainable materials and artisanal labour. But perhaps their most delightful offerings are their small handmade candles which you can customise with personal messages on them.

8. Anchal (Lifestyle, Fashion)

kantha cotton quilt

via Anchal

It isn’t easy infusing a traditional and culturally specific design philosophy with an eclectic, avant-garde aesthetic. Yet somehow, Anchal has created an entire product catalogue with this innovative approach. As a non-profit organisation, they’ve trained and employed hundreds of women as artisans in India. With their unique business model, they’ve successfully married a deep passion for design with their desire to empower their workforce. From quilts made with repurposed sarees, to sustainably produced scarves and clothing, their products reflect the stories of not only the women who designed them, but the women who made them by hand, as well.


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