Meet The Artists

  • Ekaterina Vitchenko

    Ekaterina Vitchenko

    Ekaterina is an illustrator who has also dabbled in other forms of art...
  • Gambar Corek

    Gambar Corek

    Gambar is an illustrator from Indonesia. He specializes in line art, manga and...
  • Harrison Collazo

    Harrison Collazo

    Harrison Collazo was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Although he demonstrated an interest...
  • Isle of Thread

    Isle of Thread

    Isle of Thread’s Mission is to provide a platform for connecting small textile...
  • Klaudia Mariańska

    Klaudia Mariańska

    Klaudia is an artist based in Poland. In 2018 she graduated from Maria...
  • Meghann Rader

    Meghann Rader

    Meghann Rader is an illustrator born and raised in the rainforests of Vancouver...
  • Tanya Gordeeva

    Tanya Gordeeva

    Tanya Gordeeva is a creative Ukrainian artist specializing both in digital and traditional...


A Different Kind of Art Shop

Underlyn’s mission is to offer the world beautiful, hand-crafted galleries and art pieces – designed, crafted, and framed by real artisans, not assembly-line workers.Underlyn produces affordable, stunning art products for the most discerning customers. And we stand behind each and every piece we ship out.