The smooth matte finish of this handcrafted frame is unassuming, blending seamlessly into your art. The front and sides are a soft black, not so deep as to distract the eye from the art you’ve so carefully selected. It’s an unconscious anchor point for your wall, stitching together all the pieces on display to create one spectacular collage. The clean, modern look evokes a minimalist design language, leaving nothing open to interpretation. Perfect for both large and small pieces.


Vanilla’s pretty good on its own, but there’s no other flavour quite so versatile that it works with literally any dessert. The Isla takes this as its inspiration, a frame that belongs everywhere. The clean matte finish is snow-white on the front and sides, allowing it to blend into a white wall as if it wasn’t there, or brightening a darker wall tone. Handcrafted to perfection, it’s truly a classic and an all-time favourite.


It’s not enough just to exist; you need to make a statement. The bright red of this frame defies all preconceptions of what a gallery frame should look like. It’s loud, it’s irreverent, and it knows it. Like all of our frames, the Poppy is handcrafted, but it’s also one of the most fun frames we have because of how noticeable it is, making it just as much a part of the gallery as the art itself. It takes a fine sense of aesthetics to pull off a Poppy, but when you do, do it with confidence.


The smell of pine wood is the smell of the mountains. A place without the urban commotion, a place of uncomplicated living. That’s what this simple pinewood frame represents. The strong grain of natural wood comes in a satin finish, handcrafted so that no two sides look alike. The tones in the wood are eclectic, ranging from dark latte to light pine. The Florence can appear natural anywhere, it’s both creature and habitat like the forests it embodies. It appears natural wherever it’s used, whatever art it frames.


Antiquity has always held a certain allure; of being able to see and hold the most intimate possessions of a person who lived centuries ago, yet never even know their name. It’s this allure that inspired the design of Reece, a solid walnut texture with a waxy matte finish. The patterns of wood grain are unique to each frame, the panels handcrafted to ensure no two ever look the same. Wood tones range from dark espresso to light brown. This darker, more rustic aesthetic lends itself to a more subdued display, stylish in form yet traditional in spirit.


The simple geometric shape of this frame belies the luxurious gold and black colour scheme that makes the Lyndon so unique. The handcrafted wood frame dissolves into the background, and instead what you see is the fine blend of gold dust all across the front, and jet black along the sides. This duality of design creates a sense of depth so that the Lyndon, more than framing a picture, seems to capture a moment in time, frozen at that single point on your wall.


The elegant, minimalist design of this frame possesses a decidedly modern aesthetic that presents a dichotomy of its two colours. Each side is handcrafted and carefully coated in silver and black dust for a rich texture. On the face of it, the fine silver dusting gives off a soft shimmer, a perfect counterpoint to the jet black sides. The contrast between the two serves to make the Robyn not just a frame for your art, but a natural extension of it.



This frame features an aesthetic that’s quite unlike anything of its kind, not for its ornate design, but rather the ruggedness of its build. The wood itself is cut into asymmetrical patterns that more closely resemble a three-dimensional work of abstract Cubism. Each piece is hand-crafted, so no two frames look identical. The wood is then hand-finished with a reflective matte black that repels fingerprints but still retains a glossy look.


The all-white palette of this frame serves a very interesting purpose. Viewed from a distance, it blends smoothly into the artwork that it frames, focussing your attention inwards. But on closer inspection, the abstract patterns cut into the wood reveal themselves, and suddenly the Nymeria goes from a simple frame to a three-dimensional counterpoint against the flat profile of the wall, becoming a work of art itself.


The inverse turtle shell pattern in this frame sports a glossy, reflective finish that you only get in freshly cut, polished gemstones. The four panels flow into each other seamlessly, so it appears as though the entire frame has been carved out of a single piece of midnight black obsidian found at the foot of a volcano. Every trough and peak of the Enzo is handcrafted, ensuring no two frames look exactly alike.


The purest water in the natural world is found locked away in vast Antarctic glaciers. The very landscape here is pure white ice, rising and falling in jagged peaks and troughs as far as the eye can see. This was the inspiration for Evelyn, a beautifully handcrafted wood frame washed in a bright white glaze that evokes the image of those unsullied domains so far away from the rest of the world.


There’s a primal energy to the dancing patterns of the Noah, as though the frame itself were vibrating strongly enough to create waves in the wood. The hand-finished surface writhes and twists, and in that moment the frame is frozen in place, preserved for all time. Like the floods that buffeted Noah’s Ark, this frame will challenge the artwork it contains for dominance, a dramatic encounter that surely won’t go unnoticed on your wall.


The wave patterns that flow across this gorgeous frame appear at times calm, and others energetic. The wood itself seems to fold and stretch like the ocean’s surface, white with foam. These carefully handcrafted frames are unique, their patterns like fingertips so no two frames look the same. It’s a design begging to be explored, every last inch of it.


Gatsby is handcrafted and hand-gilded to give an exceptionally graceful, stylish and sophisticated finish that is bound to create a sense of nostalgia in the viewer. Inspired by the Art Deco style, this frame combines premium materials and exquisite craftmanship and funnels them into a modern form. It is a symbol of both luxury and modernity.

Fire Crafted


Originating in feudal Japan, Yakisugi is a traditional technique of heat-treating wood over a controlled flame. Heat drives out the moisture, toughening the surface of the wood against the elements. This handcrafted frame is treated with a deep charring process, carbonising the surface to give a smooth, jet-black finish. The fired wood forms a lattice texture like crocodile leather, a completely unique texture among gallery frames.


The honey-coloured surface of pine wood takes on a rich, chocolate colour when exposed to naked flame. By carefully burning away the tree sap and charring the pale wood, every textural detail is laid bare before you, as though it were carved into the frame itself. The sides, however, remain untouched in their original golden colour. The smooth, flowing wood grain like waves lapping against the shore offer a sense of calm even when you don’t notice it. Handcrafted to the last grain. An indulgence, to be sure, but one you deserve.


The Japanese use Yakisugi as a way of preserving wood against the elements, handcrafting it to ensure the highest quality. By exposing the surface to a controlled flame, they get an even char that toughens the wood. The inky black surface of the Ren requires a longer, sustained burn to completely carbonise the surface, giving it an intense charcoal finish. The wood grain appears almost fluid in the way that it flows down the frame. As if it’s melting, about to drip.


By charring wood on a controlled burn, the Japanese created what they call Yakisugi, a technique for preserving wood. The Yuna’s lively profile uses light charring in warm grey tones, fired by hand for just the right amount of time, with the sides painted a pale grey. It almost makes you feel like you’re sitting on the beach, listening to the sounds of crashing waves and seagulls, a salty breeze sending palm trees rustling.


Hand-dyed in red, the Yuto is visually arresting in the way that the pine wood develops a charcoal veneer. The cherry-red dye takes on a darker, more mature tone in the front, where the fire has blasted away the resins and moisture. What you’re left with is the exposed wood grain that carbonises under the open flame, creating that lovely ripple effect running down the frame. A sister frame to the Haruto, but its sides keep the glowing red colour.


The sharp, homogenous lines of wood grain only become this defined through a wood-firing technique called Yakisugi, created in feudal Japan. To further enhance this effect, Haruto uses pine wood hand-dyed in bright red to create an otherworldly appearance. Currents of red flow between the charcoal wood grains, reminiscent of lava cascading slowly down a volcano. Like its sister frame, the Yuto, but dyed a charcoal black on the sides.


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