The Human Touch

Curated by artists. Crafted by artisans.

At Underlyn we pride ourselves on creating ethically sourced unique, affordable, handcrafted framing, custom framed art prints and mixed media art from across the world.

Our materials are everything! From the frames, to mats, paper, and even packaging, we prioritize high-quality, ethical, sustainable, and non-toxic materials. Supporting your art does not have to come at the cost of supporting the planet!

Our frames are hand-crafted from repurposed pine wood featuring hidden corner joints and fire-crafted textures (nothing is pre-fab or glued together). Each and every piece is 100 percent original and isn’t mass produced like other modern wood products. Underlyn also supports skill development and knowledge transfer, especially from skilled woodwork artisans to unemployed youth in the local region so as to both preserve the long traditions of craftmanship and provide sustainable incomes to the local youth.

Similarly, we aim to support local and small businesses, from around the world, by sourcing mixed media artwork made by traditional artisans. No assembly-line workers here! Our art directors connect directly with the individual artisans and hand-pick each piece we carry; working around the clock to find creative talent from across the world and into your home.

Beauty for Art

Studies show that engaging with visual art can reduce your stress levels, alleviate mental exhaustion, up your empathy, and cause increased joy akin to falling in love.

Now imagine filling an entire wall in your home of various artworks that immediately soothe away the day’s stresses, the moment you walk through the door. Feels good, right?

It’s time to tell your story! Pick and choose from among our array of art and frame collections, built for every style room. Having a variety of options to choose from means you’ll have the creative freedom to select various pieces that build off of and strengthen one another- developing your own narrative as the curator of your home. The best part is you can use our virtual ‘Create a Gallery’ tool in order to see what all the pieces look like together, before placing an order.

When you shop Underlyn’s prudently curated art collections and pair them with our exclusive handcrafted frames, you’re not just choosing wall decor, you’re creating art.

Protect & Preserve

The Art

Underlyn’s museum-grade giclée art prints are printed on Archival quality Enhanced matte 189 GSM paper. These precious art pieces can retain their color for more than 100 years. So the art you buy now would still be in pristine condition when you’re having your great-great-grandkids. But we’re sure you’ll be interested in one of our newer additions by then.

The Wood

All of Underlyn’s frames are made from reclaimed pine wood from environmentally sustainable and safe-treated sources. The paints and stains we use contain no added lead, thus making our frames safe and sexy, just the way we like them.

The Matting

The mats in our frames are made from 100% cotton, are acid-free and lignin-free. Unlike regular, cheaper mats, ours won’t chemically interact with your art prints and cause discoloration. Because we want you to buy new art only if you really like it, not because the old one yellowed over time. Mats also help separate the art print from the acrylic glazing on top so as to enhance the art print’s life.

Conservation Framing

All the products we sell adhere strictly to the 2 main principles of conservation framing: reversibility and pH neutrality. This means that:

  • every artwork can be removed and reused with any of our frames. However, we do not recommend this be done by anyone who isn’t a trained framer.
  • our matting and adhesives materials are chemically inert so as to preserve the art

The Packaging

It’s not just the frames that are eco-friendly, but the boxes they come in, too. Large art prints ordered without a frame come to you in a hard kraft tube that’s made of recycled paper. And you can upcycle this tough tube by using it for storage. Smaller art prints without frames are shipped in recycled kraft mailers.

Each framed art print comes in a corrugated box made from 100% recycled paper, and the void fill we use is OXO-biodegradable. We include hardware and a microfiber cleaning cloth and sometimes, coupons, all of which come in a gorgeous little Jute-cotton blend drawstring bag, which is also both reusable and biodegradable!


A Different Kind of Art Shop

Underlyn’s mission is to offer the world beautiful, hand-crafted galleries and art pieces – designed, crafted, and framed by real artisans, not assembly-line workers.Underlyn produces affordable, stunning art products for the most discerning customers. And we stand behind each and every piece we ship out.